#2 - Vegan Food Isn't Always Cruelty-Free with lauren Ornelas

lauren Ornelas (yes, the first L is lower case on purpose!) is the founder of the Food Empowerment Project, an organization that works to help all of us understand that our food choices have power -- and can influence the lives of non-human and human animals alike. lauren and I talk about farm workers' rights, child slavery in the cocoa industry, and how to not become paralyzed by all the horrible things that happen in this world. 


I was very moved by our conversation. In particular, I felt a real shift in my outlook when lauren said:

Just because something is vegan doesn't mean it's cruelty free.

If you, too, are moved by this sentiment or by our conversation and want to make more ethical chocolate purchases, please download the Chocolate List app. The app is a list of companies that make vegan chocolate and that have confirmed that their cocoa does not come from Western Africa, where child slavery is rampant in the cocoa industry.

To see lauren's resource recommendations, check out the Vegan Resource Library.

You can stream the episode here or take it with you!